Wall Saw Cutting
 Wire Saw Cutting
Core Cutting
Re-Bar Fixing
Groove Cutting
Concrete Breaking, Demolishing
Chemical Cracking
Flush Cutting (Slab)
Rock Blasting and Splitting
Brick Work Demolishing
Pneumatic Breaking
Cleaning of Machineries, Roads
Anchor Bar Fixing
Chipping and Grooving


Wall Saw Cutting,Wire Saw Cutting, Core Cutting, Concrete Breaking, Demolishing, Drilling, Chipping, Slab Cutting, Re-Bar Fixing, Door Frame Fixing.


Breaking, Controlled Blasting, Chemical Cracking,Hydraulic Splitting.


Multistoried Building, Bridge, Rock Area.


Hydraulic Excavator(Volvo), JCB, Air Compressor, Pneumatic, Electrical & Hydraulic Heavy Equipment Vibrator Roller, Nissan Tipper Etc...

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